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Florence and food, a classic combination which has become even more topical with the recent fashion for oenogastronomic tourism, which leads an ever greater number of persons to set off in the search for flavours which are at once novel and ancient, and to devote great attention to the quality of the products,


enogastronomia tavola

their handling and the service offered. Florentine cooking, which is both simple and creative, lends itself perfectly to a rediscovery of this kind: it is simple because it is based on local products, in particular vegetables and pulses, and it is also creative because it has developed from an essentially poor cuisine which turns to imaginative flair to vary the flavours of the food served at table. The quality and freshness of the raw ingredients and skilful preparation are the cornerstones of traditional Florentine catering, and in Florence those who like good food (and wine) are simply spoiled for choice.
Lots of top-quality wines are produced in the Florence area. Besides Chianti classico, indicated by the historic black cockerel label, the DOCG appellation, which in the province of Florence is also designated “Superiore”, also encompasses the sub-zones of Colli Fiorentini, Rufina, Montalbano and Montespertoli. There are many DOC and IGT wines, many of which are of good quality

Published: 7/4/2014

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