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famiglie e bambini

Hey kids, do you want to discover the history of Florence through a card game on smartphones or tablets?


So, here you are Firenze Game, the application that combines the digital game to the city tour.
The game, downloadable for free through Apple Store and Google Play Store, allows you to create an avatar and challenge friends.

The deck-base contains cards of various colors, one for each historical period: to win, you have to place the cards on a virtual board in order to create pairs or thematic trio. Places, symbols and historical characters will 'meet' during the games, so you can experience winning combinations and learn the story hidden behind each card.

And if you are in Florence the game it’s not just online: you can add new cards to your deck moving around the city, near squares, monuments and museums. For example: in Piazza Signoria you can unlock the cards of Cosimo I, Palazzo Vecchio and the “Turtle with the sail”. Near the Galileo museum, the deck can be enriched with a planisphere or a telescope. Even outside the center you can find interesting cards, like the Museo del Calcio (Soccer Museum) in Coverciano, where you can unlock a famous footballer's card.

Firenze Game aims to stimulate involvement and fun in daily activities, right through the game. A tourist visit should be an experience of relaxation and leisure, but more and more often the risk is to move hastily without paying attention to what surrounds us: the app stimulates to look around, searching for traces of Florence in the past.

The application, designed for both Florentines and foreign visitors, is developed in Italian and English; it is made by the Municipality of Florence, with Linea Comune, Muse and Digital Fun.

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Published: 8/8/2018

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