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famiglie e bambini

Everybody at the Museum

There are so many things that children can see and do in Florence and its surroundings! If their parents will choose properly, even the visit to an art city can become extremely pleasant and especially make an indelible impression on young tourists’ minds.

Published: 14/1/2019


The House of Horne, a plunge into the Renaissance

The splendid collection in the Horne Museum is a journey through time to get an insight into daily life in the 15th and 16th centuries
We seem to have travelled back through the centuries and to be entering a Renaissance house, one in which we find not only precious works of art but also the furniture and the utensils of daily use: welcome to the Horne Museum.
Published: 20/3/2014


Family Tour in Florence and Fiesole

A special offer for families, new ways to discover the wonders of the city of Florence at all ages.

Published: 5/6/2015


Palazzo Vecchio Family Museum

Palazzo Vecchio: it was the seat of the city’s supreme governing body, but from 1540 Cosimo I de’ Medici restored it completely in order to transfer his family and court there.

Published: 17/3/2014


Chini Lab for children

Chini Lab, do you know what it is? And most importantly, who are the Chini? The Chini are a family of artists from the Mugello, who gave an important contribution to the Italian art at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

Published: 28/4/2015


The Museum of the Champions

More than a century of football history on display at Coverciano
Ranging from Maradona’s jersey to the World Cups won by Italy, from Paolo Rossi’s mythical 20 in the World Cup in Spain to a vast collection of postage stamps from all over the world on the subject of football, the Museo del Calcio in Coverciano, Florence, offers an extensive and fascinating panorama of Italy’s best loved sport.
Published: 24/11/2013