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This place is somewhat magic, hidden and very cool during the summer, well known in the area but not mentioned in guide books or other itineraries. It is called Mulinaccio, (literally: bad water mill) and can be reached by taking a pleasant walk from San Vincenzo a Torri, through the beautiful countryside of the hills of Scandicci.

The Mulinaccio is actually a dam, built in 1634 to block a ravine and Mulinacciouse the strength of water as a mill for wheat. The dam is structured in three levels with huge, beautiful arches made of stone. This structure had no luck and its functioning was always difficult, the millstones were full of mud and soon the mill was abandoned. The dam had created a little lake upstream, which was used for day trips and picnics, but fate was unfavorable even in this case, some people drowned in the small lake so that it was drained in the Nineteenth Century.

Now the water jet flowing down from the partly ruined but still imposing Mulinaccio falls on a muddy water pool, entirely surrounded by oaks, downy oaks and pines.

During the summer, it is very pleasant and cool, and well organized: several explanatory signs tell the story of the Mill and its activity.

It can be reached from San Vincenzo a Torri: take the street called via del Lago, go past Villa Vico; the street is on the left hand side, with a bar.




Published: 11/7/2017

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