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The first news about Vinci dates back to the year One Thousand, the oldest village gathers around the Castle of the Counts Guidi, lords of these lands.

Come to vinci taglioHowever, the fame of this town is inextricably linked to its most famous son, Leonardo, the most brilliant artist and scientist, who was born right here in 1452. In this village, everything reminds visitors of him: from the Church of Santa Croce, where he was baptized, to the house where he was born, at Anchiano, a few kilometers from Vinci in a place in the country that has never changed since then.

The Museum of Leonardo da Vinci reminds visitors of the genius of the man who was an inventor, a scholar, an artist, architect and engineer.

The Library of Leonardo da Vinci promotes the knowledge of Leonardo.

The spectacular piazza dei Guidi (square of the Guidis) marks the entrance to the collection of the Museum, where visitors will have the opportunity to admire the machines designed by the man who best represents the greatness of man during the Renaissance.





Published: 28/1/2017

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