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The area of Florence offers a variety of walking itineraries. One of these is called "the Way of the Apennine" and it leads from Florence to the source of the Arno, on Mount Falterona.

Le-Vie-dellAppennino-Falterona-1It concerns a trekking path of about 80 km, divided in five legs. The starting point is Fiesole, the ancient Etruscan village located on the hills north of Florence, that can be reached by bus from the city.
From there, passing through olive groves and cypress forests, the first leg ends at the Madonna del Sasso shrine: born on the place where in the fifteenth century some miraculous apparitions of the Virgin took place and where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the valley below.
The second leg leads the walker through a part of the path of the "burraie" up to the top of Mount Giovi, inhabited since the Etruscan time and whose name conjures the dedication to the main Roman god, that hosted important divisions of the Partisans at the end of World War II.
Subsequently the itinerary twists and turns on the side of Mount Giovi heading down towards the Val di Sieve, passing through the town of Rufina, home of the namesake Chianti wine that is celebrated in the local Vine and Wine Museum, and then continuing on the other side all the way to Borselli. The climb goes on on the fourth day through the forests that cover the Florentine mountain until it reaches the ridge; and from there the gaze falls on the landscape from the Casentino to Mount Falterona.
The last leg is marked by a considerable difference in level that, within a few kilometres, leads to the peak of Mount Falterona, birthplace of the river Arno, as celebrated in Dante's verses:
“There stretches through the midst of Tuscany,”    
I straight began, “a brooklet, whose well-head    
springs up in Falterona; with his race    
not satisfied, when he some hundred miles            
hath measured"

(Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Purgatory, Canto XIV)

The itinerary "The Way of the Apennine" has been carried out by the youth volunteering association Gruppo Perché No, in Borselli, one of the places included in the route.
More information, as well as the GPS tracks, is available on the website



Published: 8/2/2018

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