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Tourist Information in Mugello

The area has a large valley in the north of Florence, closed by the Appennines. It is an ideal holiday destination due to hiking trails and excellent food.

Published: 30/5/2018


The Bilancino lake, a water sports opportunity

The man-made Lake Bilancino fills one of the parts of an ancient basin. It holds 69 million cubic metres of water, is 31 metres deep, in its deepest point, and covers an area of 5 square kilometres. Lake Bilancino is just a few minutes from the Barberino exit of the highway.

Published: 17/4/2014


The Way of Gods - La Via degli Dei

The passage of the Apeninnes from Bologna to Florence is accessible on foot (or by mountain bike) through an ancient Etruscan and then Roman road.

Published: 18/4/2018


Giotto's house

On the hill of Vespignano, near Vicchio, stands the house which saw the birth of Angiolo di Bondone, better known as Giotto.

Published: 10/3/2014


Scarperia, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy

Scarperia in the Mugello area is one of the most beautiful little towns in Italy.

Published: 18/4/2018


German War Cemetery

The Appennines were stage of terrible days, aerial bombardments, ferocious fights, retaliation on civilians and massacres. The winners of the Second World War allowed Germany to have cemeteries built in the country where the war took place just in the ’50 and the numbers are impressive: in the cemetery rest more than 31.000 soldiers

Published: 22/5/2013


New ticketing for the museums of Mugello

This is not really a card but a good opportunity to visit all the museums in an area and save on single tickets. The area is in the north of Florence.

Published: 31/1/2018