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turiste con gelato

If you enjoy taking long walks in the open air, maybe shrouded in the silence of the countryside and you are also fond of contemporary art, this is the right path for you.

le sculture all aperto

In fact, the path that we offer will help you find new and exciting ideas to better understand a territory balanced between past, present and future that seems to be one of the most seducing places in the world.
We suggest some examples of environmental art that you can approach to enjoy avant-garde cultural experiences or even just to discover the fascinating and mysterious link that exists between contemporary art and landscape.
The works are located on the whole territory – along the roads or inside closed spaces – and they have now become an important reference point to redefine the environment and they are suitable for those who want to admire new and just as evocative views, together with the traditional, always loved and picture-postcard Tuscan landscape.
These works often are large sculpture forms. One only needs to think of La Paloma (The Dove) by Botero, which welcomes tourists at the “Amerigo Vespucci” Florentine airport, Dietrofront (About Turn) by Pistoletto, which stands in the square of Porta Romana, Fontana dell'uomo della pioggia (Fountain of the rain man) by Folon, which stands in front of the Obihall theatre, or Sole (Sun), huge bronze sculpture by Kurdish artist Fuad Aziz, which stands in front of the headquarters of the new municipality of Scandicci.
It is possible to continue with Stele per Galileo (Stone for Galileo), an approximately nine-metre high sculpture made of pietra serena, created by Giò Pomodoro and located in piazza Poggi ; moreover, walking along Lungarno Serristori, it is possible to admire San Giovanni Battista by Giuliano Vangi, in piazza Santa Maria Soprarno.
The rest of the province also boasts the presence of famous artists who have reshaped space with their creativity, allowing for a new interpretation of space.
In the land of Chianti – thanks to the Tusciaelecta project, which invited artists to create their site specific works from 1996 to 2010 – there are some public art exhibitions: in San Casciano Val di Pesa, the permanent installation by Antony Gormley, Edje II, anthropomorphic sculpture located in the tank of the Water Tower, the Bright Installation by Mario Airò and Untitled by Mario Merz, a deer that “walks” on the ancient walls of the town; it is also worth visiting the Tower of Luciana '92 by Mauro Staccioli in the nearby Mercatale and arriving at Greve in Chianti to discover the Garden of fragrances by Anne and Patrick Poirier and Kidea, a coloured labyrinth in a public garden, as well as a place of recreation for children and adults, created by Alicia Framis.
Moreover, don’t miss a visit to Vinci to walk in Piazza dei Guidi  commendably reshaped by Mimmo Paladino.
If you want to admire other site specific works, you will have the opportunity to reach Prato, where the installations in the garden of the Luigi Pecci Centre for contemporary art stand in the foreground; in Seano you can visit the Quinto Martini Museum Park, animated by thirty-six bronze sculpture and in Luicciana, hamlet of the municipality of Cantagallo, the Contemporary Artistic Complex – where an itinerary on contemporary sculpture that includes the urban centre and the territory winds its way between Outdoor Museum, Public Art Circuit and Environmental Art Park.
The Park of the Sun and Geometric Garden of the Mill is located in Montepiano, a small hamlet in the municipality of Vernio, in the province of Prato; from here, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the sculptures by Bruno Saetti and it will also be easy to continue towards the nearby city of Pistoia, where you can stay and also admire the Hemodialysis Pavillion at the Hospital of Ceppo that hosts works by famous masters, such as Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, Higetoshi Nagasawa, Daniel Buren, Dani Karavan, Claudio Parmiggiani and Gianni Ruffi.
The pleasant union of man-art-nature comes alive in this mixed setting, where you can also recognize and appreciate some environmental art parks that are located in the Florentine province and give life to it.
In the city, don’t miss the Garden of roses, where nine bronze sculptures and two plaster works by Belgian artist Folon interpenetrate with more than a thousand varieties of the flower that gives the name to the garden; the Contemporary Art Park by Enzo Pazzagli surrounded by the green and enchanting Florentine hills; the Park of Poggio Valicaia, situated on the hills of Scandicci and, in Fiano, hamlet in the municipality of Certaldo, in Valdelsa, the Castle of Santa Maria Novella, nevralgic centre for projects on environmental art, where you can also discover the nice Garden of the Tea House created by Higetoshi Nagasawa.
It i salso worth visiting the Fattoria La Loggia Centre for Contemporary Art , at Montefiridolfi, a small hamlet in the municipalità of San Casciano Val di Pesa, residence for artists coming from all over the world, surrounded by an evocative agricultural landscape with all the flavours and atmospheres of the Renaissance; this centre welcomes outdoor installations of works that adorn the historic village as well, until reaching the surroundings lands. Among the artists, it is worth mentioning Arman, Betty Woodman, Daniel Spoerri, Roberto Barni.
Don’t miss a visit at the Gori Collection at Fattoria di Celle, in Santomato, four kilomentres’ distance from Pistoia, the en plein air museum par excellence, which shows its visitors the most complete and exstraordinary collection of environmental art, built from 1982 at the request of Giuliano Gori. It boasts the presence of around seventy site specific macro installations, created by artists of the likes of Alberto Burri, Enrico Castellani, Dennis Oppenheim, Daniel Buren, Luciano Fabro, Anselm Kiefer, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, Luigi Mainolfi, Eliseo Mattiacci, Robert Morris, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Mimmo Paladino, Anne e Patrick Poirier, Richard Serra, Mauro Stacciali, Marco Tirelli.
In the surroundings of Pistoia, in Quarrata, the Spirit of the Place Museum Park can be visited and is situated inside the Medici Villa La Magia, a sixteenth-century building. The contrast between the setting of the Renaissance and the contemporary works scattered throughout the park - from Higetoshi Nagasawa, to Anne and Patrick Poirer, and Daniel Buren – is really fascinating.
Moreover, it is also worth visiting The Park of Pinocchio at Collodi where, once again, art and nature interpenetrate and interact in harmony; with its sculptures, mosaics and buildings made by great names – such as Venturino Venturi and Michelucci – the Park is aimed at re-evoking the magic, episodes and atmosphere of the little puppet.






Published: 3/12/2013

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