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A new museum opened one year ago in Florence, a priceless modern and contemporary art private collection.

Roberto Casamonti, a private collector, makes available to the city the works Cragg-eroded-land350brought together by him during years of unconditional love of modern and contemporary art, after having found an elegant palace in the old town as its location.

Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni, a stylish Renaissance building overlooking Santa Trinita square, is now one of the top points of interest in Florence.

The XX century  has been in art a period full of tensions and new art languages, and for the first time  barriers among visual art, architecture, poetry, theater, design, cinema and other disciplines fell down.This mind is reflected in the Casamonti Collection, which includes a total of 187 works by 138 artists and it is split into sections, that are introduced as an exhibition, curated by Bruno Corà. Furthermore in addition to the actual second part of the Collection, an upcoming third selection has been already planned.

The works previously displayed in Florence in 2018 are the result of years of research by Roberto Casamonti and bear witness to the evolution of art and culture in the twentieth century, from the early age until the Sixties; you could admire masterpieces by Fattori, Boldini, Balla, Viani, Sironi, Severini, Marini, Morandi, de Chirico, Savinio, Prampolini, Casorati, Magnelli, Licini, Picasso, Le Corbusier, Leger, Soutine, Klee, Chagall, Ernst,Kandinsky, Hartung, Fautrier, Matta, Lam, Dorazio, Accardi, Afro, Vedova, Capogrossi, Burri, Klein, Fontana, Castellani, Manzoni, Lo Savio and many other artists.

This new selection, starting from the 26th May 2019, including 80 works, keeps on with the artists from the late XX to the XXI century. We can find works by Boetti, Pistoletto, Merz, Kounellis, Paolini, Calzolari, Penone and Pascali, that is leading exponents of Arte Povera. Among the other artists who shared their ideals, you cannot forget Ceroli. Here his work "Burri" is displayed, that is a sort of class with benches in which a student is sitting in front of Burri's work, probably the student refers to Twombly, the American artist who became later very famous.

Important International artists in the Collection are among others Anish Kapoor, Tony Cragg and Basquiat. Also you can find the Nouveaux Réalistes like Christo, Arman, Klein. Obviously the interest of Roberto Casamonti for performance and  videos also comes out and in a special room we can find works by Marina Abramovich and Bill Viola (we can remember their exhibitions newly at Palazzo Strozzi) and Cattelan.

The great collector and art expert Roberto Casamonti has followed in his choices, particularly in this second part of the Collection, his passions and instincts, referring to parameters such as magnetic attraction of the work of a particular artist, the lenght of aesthetic perception, the challenge to his own tastes and conceptions, a well-founded artistic history.

The Casamonti Collection, located on the main floor of Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni, therefore represents an important benchmark for modern and contemporary art in Florence and it is one of the largest private collections in Italy.

The entrance to the Collection is on payment.

For further information you can see the dedicated website.


Collezione Roberto Casamonti - Dagli anni '60 agli inizi del XXI secolo. Da Boetti a Schifano. Da Mirò a Basquiat - Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni



Published: 24/5/2019

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