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Chini Lab, do you know what it is? And most importantly, who are the Chini? The Chini are a family of artists from the Mugello, who gave an important contribution to the Italian art at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

Posted on 28/4/2015


On the hill of Vespignano, near Vicchio, stands the house which saw the birth of Angiolo di Bondone, better known as Giotto.

Posted on 10/3/2014


In the Mugello area, all the cultural and food traditions of bread are being rediscovered through the promotion of Mugello bread, a product with close links to the territory because its production stream (farm, warehousing centre, mill and bakery) are wholly bound to the area of origin from the field to the table.

Posted on 20/3/2014


The potato tortello is the most traditional of the dishes from the Mugello area which is full of country fairs featuring this speciality in Spring and Summer.

Posted on 6/4/2006


This is not really a card but a good opportunity to visit all the museums in an area and save on single tickets. The area is in the north of Florence.

Posted on 30/6/2014


The man-made Lake Bilancino fills one of the parts of an ancient basin. It holds 69 million cubic metres of water, is 31 metres deep, in its deepest point, and covers an area of 5 square kilometres. Lake Bilancino is just a few minutes from the Barberino exit of the highway.

Posted on 17/4/2014