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turiste con gelato

All visitors of the city of Florence are encouraged to love and respect it. The Florence Experience is something unique and unforgettable.

Posted on 7/9/2018


It should never happen, but unfortunately sometimes it may happen to have health problems even on vacation. Or a small accident happens, which risks ruining your stay.

Posted on 29/9/2017


Teatro Niccolini, the oldest theatre in Florence, was inaugurated in 1658 as the seat of the theatrical company called the ‘Accademia degli Infuocati’. This was one of the two Florentine dramatic companies that descended from the splitting up of the earlier ‘Accademia degli Immobili’ company.

Posted on 25/1/2016


The Medici Park of Pratolino, one of the largest parks in Tuscany, which was opened from April 5th to October 27th, 2019, gives visitors an appointment in Spring, and in the next future for the extraordinary opening of December 1st.

Posted on 15/3/2018


From now on there are two additional good reasons to visit the National Archaeological Museum in Florence: the new display of the antique gemstones collection has just been inaugurated, located in the historical corridor of Maria Maddalena de' Medici.

Posted on 19/12/2018