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teatro dellopera

December is the darkest period of the year. And the time before Christmas is supposed to be a little bit "low season". But not in Florence, because here you'll find F-Light!

santo spiritoF-Light is the Festival of Lights and it hides in its name a play on words: "F" like Florence, but also like festival, and "light" for light or, all together, "flight" like flying with the light over the squares of the city and the sky.

F-light brings beauty, magic and atmosphere in the city center, using the façades of our buildings and palaces and churches as a screen for thematic projection on the topic of borders.

F-Light starts every year on December 8 when the Mayor of Florence symbolically enlightens the tall Christmas Tree in front of the Duomo. It ends on January 7, with the end of Christmas time.
The selected places of F-Light projections of this year are :
Santo Spirito,  Ponte Vecchio - one of the favourite and most photographed monument of the city - a couple of towers, Torre di Arnolfo and Torre di San Niccolò, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, the building of Camera di Commercio, Piazza Santa Maria Novella,  Museo Novecento, the famous loggia del Porcellino, the Church of San Lorenzo and Mercato Centrale.

F-Light is also made of workshops and cultural activities, f.i. the LENS workshops at Villa di Poggio Imperiale or the exciting visits of Palazzo Vecchio in total darkness with a torch.

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Published: 4/12/2017

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