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For the first time, the porcelain statues of Doccia are on exhibit at the National Museum of Sculpture in the Bargello.




In the year 1735, the Marquis Carlo Ginori founded in Doccia, Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence, the oldest Italian porcelain factory. He began to produce the traditional pieces destined to embellish the lavish banquets of the most prestigious mansions of his time. This is where the “stoia” motif was born, and today it is a “must-have” for collections. The Marquis systematically collected the forms found in the workshops of sculptors from the late Renaissance to the Baroque, using them to create the models for his great porcelain sculptures; he also bought models from the studios of Florentine sculptors of the time, or commissioned smaller-sized copies of the most famous ancient statues.

The resulting collection of models for the porcelain pieces was enlarged by the heirs of Marquis Carlo Ginori, and is currently divided between the Manifattura, or factory, still in operation, and the museum adjacent to the factory, unfortunately closed since May 2014.

In 1896, the Manifattura became Manifattura Richard Ginori and in 1923, Giò Ponti became the artistic director. He was followed by some of most important Italian designers over the years to this day.

In the current exhibition, the most important sculptures produced in the first period of the Manifattura, in dialogue with works from the Museum's permanent collection, are presented in all their splendour and beauty in a unique comparison with the waxes, crockery or brass which served as the model. The fireplace is amazing. On its sides, we can recognize the reductions of the Michelangelo allegories found in the Medicean Chapels - restored for this occasion.

Divided into six thematic nuclei, the exhibition tells the story of the transformation of a sculptural invention into a porcelain piece. From the Ginori Museum come two important pieces of the collection, in addition to the already mentioned fireplace, the Medici Venus, which is a reproduction of the famous statue of the Tribune at the Uffizi. 

The exhibition La Fabbrica della Bellezza. La Manifattura Ginori e il suo popolo di statue (The Beauty Factory. Manifattura Ginori and his population of statues) is being held at the Museo del Bargello, from 18 May to 1 October 2017

Museum hours and info: + 39 055 2388606










Published: 5/5/2017

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