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Enjoy the thrill of a new experience at Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze: a site specific project jointly devised by artist Carsten Höller and scientist Stefano Mancuso.

The Florence Experiment is something completely new combining art and science to study the interaction between plants and human beings. In the most beautiful Renaissance palace of the city, Palazzo Strozzi, two monumental slides allow visitors to slide from the 20-metre high loggia, down to the courtyard.Holler---Copia-1---Copia

The Florence Experiment triggers a reflection on the relationship between human beings and plants: the public and the visitors of the palace are involved both in sliding and watching horror movies or comedies in the two cinema rooms installed in the Strozzina (the art gallery in the basement).

The Florence Experiment is a production of two professionals in different fields: Carsten Höller is well-known for his work on the interaction between art, science and technology and for his installations focusing on strong visitor involvement. Stefano Mancuso is a founding father of the plant neurobiology, whose interest focuses on plant intelligence, analysing plants as complex beings endowed with astonishing sensitivity and with the capacity to communicate with their surrounding environment through the chemical compositions that they manage both to perceive and to emit.

The Florence Experiment is an individual experience: the ticket costs 7 euros and you can purchase it online or at the ticket office of Palazzo Strozzi; there is also a combined ticket with the exhibition Dawn of a Nation for 14 euros.

The Florence Experiment from April 19 to August 26 2018 at Palazzo Strozzi

Published: 13/4/2018

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