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An exposé of the art of laying a table for a banquet at the Stibbert Museum.

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The Conviti e banchetti exhibition at the Stibbert Museum, is an exposé of the art of laying a table for a banquet. It takes visitors on a journey through the centuries, focusing on the customs of the family of Frederick Stibbert who lived in the villa.
The acquisitions made by the aristocratic family to dazzle and delight guests, as well as to show the family’s standing, are displayed in an overview of the period from the Renaissance until the 19th century: new crockery and objects for the table, cooks hired to create showstopping culinary creations. Furthermore, it is all immortalised in paintings depicting scenes from their private life to public occasions such as the large weddings of the VIPs of the time.

The art of laying the table, and also of dining, changed in the 18th century from what had gone before and more space was needed for the large porcelain dinner services by the great manufacturers of Sèvres, Meissen and Doccia which were established at that time.
The Stibbert collection is very well known for its arms and armour but its tableware is less well known. However, in this exhibition, it is on display it along with many objects from other private collections.

Table preparation and food presentation are subject to change over time and this unusual exhbition gives us the chance both to learn about and to admire the subject.


Conviti e banchetti (Banquets and feasts) at the  Stibbert Musuem, from March 30 to January 2019.




Published: 16/4/2018

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