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A solo show of Luca Pignatelli’s work in the unique Museo Stefano Bardini.

The Milanese artist, born in 1962, returns to Florence only a few years after his exhibition at Uffizi Galleries with a new show called SenzaPIGNATELLI1 Data (No date).

His work, painted in different surfaces (paper, wood, canvas, metal sheets, Persian rugs) will dialogue with the many works at the Stefano Bardini Museum, collected by the famous antiquarian and donated to the City of Florence in 1922.

Pignatelli’s poetics is focused on the theme of Time. His images are true icons of collective memory - taken from classicism, like the heads of Greek statutes, or modernism, like the metropolis or warplanes – creating a short circuit in the viewer, because of the unusual substratum on which they are made; a space-time short circuit, that just like the exhibit’s title, launches the work into an absolute universal dimension.

Let’s not forget about the different types of Persian rugs: on the one hand, those from the museum’s collection, on the other hand, those revisited by Pignatelli, where the images painted look like filigree decorations – almost like the ectoplasm that approaches us from another era – through the fabric.

Since 1987 Pignatelli has hold many solo exhibitions in Italy as well as abroad, in important museums and private galleries.

The visit is the perfect occasion to see (or to see again under a different light) the amazing museum’s collection, which includes masterpieces like La Carità by Tino da Camaino, two works by Donatello (La Madonna della Mela and La Madonna dei Cordai), the monumental crucifix painted by Bernardo Daddi, the San Michele Arcangelo by Pollaiolo and the Atlante by Guercino.

Senza data. Solo exhibition by Luca Pignatelli
Museo Stefano Bardini, 26 January-25 March 2019


Published: 25/1/2019

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