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fortezza da basso

The protagonist is always him, the most famous puppet in the world: Pinocchio.

His adventures, narrated in the masterpiece of Carlo Lorenzini - better known as Carlo Collodi  are impressed in the collective imapinocchioSMALLgination of entire generations, as well as of great artists of the last century.

The exhibition Enigma Pinocchio at Villa Bardini, from 22 October to 22 March, presents works by artists (Giacometti, Venturino Venturi, Lachapelle, Paladino, Munari, Calder, Ontani) who, in one or more moments of their career, have suffered the enigmatic charm of this creature, interpreting it in their personal way. There are in fact many keys to reading this novel, not only to be considered as a mere children’s book.

The most widespread image portrays Pinocchio as a wooden puppet, a proverbial elongated nose, a pointed white hat, a coloured blouse and a pair of trousers up to the knee. Cinema had a key role in the popularity of this character, particularly the cartoon by Walt Disney, 1940.
Pinocchio is the second most translated children’s book in the world, with 240 translations.

Villa Bardini is located inside the splendid park of the same name, on the left bank of Arno, with a breathtaking view over Florence… A city full of Collodi’s memories: he was born, wrote his masterpiece, died and is buried in Florence. His tomb is in Monumental Cemetery next to the Church of San Miniato al Monte.


Enigma Pinocchio. Da Giacometti a LaChapelle
Villa Bardini, Firenze
October 22 - March 22, 2020

Published: 22/10/2019

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