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fortezza da basso

In the newly refurbished Fashion and Costume Museum of Palazzo Pitti there is a curious exhibition on footwear in the past.


ai-piedi-degli-deiWorn by the Gods, this is the title of the exhibition that retraces the art of footwear between the classical world, Ancient Rome, the colossal cinema and contemporary fashion.
Let's give the floor to one of the curators, Fabrizio Paolucci: "The shoe is not just an accessory and this concept was already clear to the ancients, as was the skill required to make shoes. Plato, for example, did not hesitate to define the art of the shoemaker as a real science. With its shape or colours, this garment told everything about the person wearing it: gender, economic condition, social position and work. What has always been considered a simple detail of clothing, now becomes the protagonist of an exhibition, whose aim is precisely to give back to the shoe its role as a precious document of taste and technique of the Greco-Roman world."

Here then are the caligae, which were worn by the Roman soldiers; the seductive sandals of the Greek courtesans; the ankle boots of the Roman women; the shoes of complicated workmanship of the gods; 80 specimens, from Italian museums and abroad, representing different types of footwear.

Also on display are examples produced by Italian manufacturers and international designers for the world of cinema, from the colossals of the 50s to the more modern The Gladiator and Alexander.

Do you have a passion for shoes? You're not the only one, and this exhibition bears witness to that!

Worn by the Gods. Footwear in the ancient world and 20th century revisitation at the Museo della Moda e del Costume (Fashion and Costume Museum) Palazzo Pitti, Florence.

From December 16 to April 19, 2020




Published: 16/12/2019

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