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tramvia stazione

If you arrive in Florence by car, it is worth parking it and... using public transport, or just walking since the historical center is very small.



The entire historic centre of Florence (approximately the part located within the 19th century ring-roads, called “viali”) is a 'Zona a Traffico Limitato' (ZTL),"Restricted Traffic Zone". Special rules govern cars’ access, transit and parking  in this zone, which is a protected UNESCO heritage site.

Access is granted, at any time, to visitors who need to reach with their car a hotel where they have a booking - ask the hotel for the shortest, allowed itinerary - In both cases, visitors have to communicate immediately, every time of each passage, their car number plate details to the hotel, or garage. Within the ZTL area, transit is always prohibited in the pedestrian zones and lanes reserved for public transportation. The latter are indicated with yellow lines and writing on the road and a sign that shows a lane reserved for bus/taxi.
During the customer's stay, the car can't be parked on the streets (eventually within the hotel area or in a garage) 

The boundaries of the ZTL are well marked. At the access points, special bilingual displays use red or green lights to indicate if access is authorized or not at that time. These access points are controlled by cameras that automatically detect one’s license plate, and fines will be issued to drivers who are not authorised.

ZTL timetables - 2019 From  April 4 to October 6 the “nighttime ZTL” is active: in addition to the canonical timetable, valid for the rest of the year (from Monday to Friday: 7.30 am - 8 pm; Saturday 7.30 am - 4 pm) the time is extended to night hours (11pm-03am) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Sunday the ZTL is never active.

Outside these hours (when the light of the displays is green) the access is always allowed, with the same restrictions: pedestrian areas and reserved lanes are always forbidden.

At the borders of the ZTl there are many parkings ("Parterre" near Piazza Libertà, "Fortezza fiera", next to the Fortezza da Basso, "Beccaria" near Sant'Ambrogio) with cheaper fares: around € 2 per hour / € 20 per day (€ 10 the 1st day at the "Parterre") / € 70 per week. Pay attention at the fares! in some car parks (like the one under the main train station, and others) it's not advisable to park for long period, because it would be very expensive! You will find all the information - including availability in real time - on the website of Firenze Parcheggi.

From June 12, 2017 you can use the "Highway Parking Spaces" of Scandicci (Highway A1, Milan-Naples). It allows you to park within the highway and easily reach the Tramway terminus (“Villa Costanza”- T1) which will bring you in only 20 minutes right into the city centre (Santa Maria Novella). Frequency: every 4 minutes. Other free Park & Ride spaces are along the tramway 1: terminus "Villa Costanza" and stop "De André" via Sassetti (both in Scandicci). In Florence there is another Park & Ride Area: it’s in viale Europa (southern Florence), well connected to the city center by Ataf Bus nr. 23.

Outside the ZTL Florence is organized into ZCSs (controlled parking zones) with spaces marked in blue (pay parking spots) and white (only for residents). The fares range according to the area (approximately € 2 per hour). To pay (credit card/cash) there are machines stamping a ticket that has to be left, visible, on the dashboard of the car. You can also pay with your smartphone: download the App Tap & Park (Apple store, Google Play and Windows store) and follow the instructions. Pay attention to the road signs… “Pulizia Strade” means Road Cleaning: apart from the expensive fines, in some cases cars can be removed, and that's not a nice experience at all! (info +39 055 4224142 / 3283333). "Parcheggio a rotazione" means that you can park only for very short periods.




Published: 30/5/2018

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