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turiste con gelato

Like most tourist destinations throughout the world, also Florence has its “tourist tax”

The incomes of this tax (based on the tourist overnights) are re-invested by the City in a series of services to improve tourist accommodation and services (city cleaning and road maintenance, public transport, tourist info points, cultural activities and much more).

loggia e turisti The amount of tax depends on your accommodation type and classification, from a maximum of € 5 (like 5 stars hotels) to a minimum of € 2 (1 star hotels and youth hostels). It is applied per person per night for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights. For example, if two adults are staying in a 1 star hotel for 3 nights, it means that they have to pay € 12 for the whole stay [ (€ 2 + € 2) x 3]. Children up to twelve years old are exempted from this tax.

Classification of hotels and camping sites is based on the number of stars stelle, residences on the number of keys riesidence, and farmhouses on the number of grains ( Plants-Wheat-icon).

Accommodation provider is responsible for the collection of the tax, and has to leave you the relevant receipt, which may be also indicated separately on the total bill. He also has to provide all the information about the tax.

This is a complete list of current exemptions:
a) children up to twelve years old;
b) people who care for patients admitted to local hospitals, including outpatient care, for a maximum of two assistants per patient;
c) patients who make hospital care in outpatient care;
d) students of the University of Florence
e) police personnel, firefighters, civil protection, who are staying in municipal facilities for service purposes.

It is also provided a 50% reduction of the tourist tax in the following cases:
a) groups of lower and upper secondary schools in Florence in teaching visit;
b) athletes under the age of 16 years, members of groups participating in sporting events and tournaments organized in collaboration with the Municipal Administration.

Since January 2018 the tourist tax is to be paid also if you rent a flat on the platform AIRBNB. In this case the platform will cash in the tax when you make your reservation. The amount is € 3,00 per night for a maximum of seven nights.


Tourist tax rates valid from the 1st of January, 2018


stelle € 2,00 | stellestelle€ 3,00 | stellestellestelle€ 4,00 | stellestellestellestelle € 4,80 | stellestellestellestellestelle € 5,00


stelle € 2,00 | stellestelle€ 2,00 |stellestellestelle€ 2,00 | stellestellestellestelle € 2,00 – Parking areas for campers € 2,00

EXTRA FACILITIES (group accommodation)

Youth Hostels € 2,00; Vacation homes € 2,00

EXTRA FACILITIES (residential characteristics)

B & B, Professional Room Rentals (if the owner doesn’t live in the same apartment): € 3,00

Non professional Room Rentals (if the owner live in the same apartment) € 3,00; Cottages € 3,00;

Historical residences € 4,80; “Holiday apartments to rent” € 3,00


riesidenceriesidence€ 3,00 | riesidenceriesidenceriesidence € 4,00 | riesidenceriesidenceriesidenceriesidence€ 4,80


        Plants-Wheat-icon  € 2,00 | Plants-Wheat-iconPlants-Wheat-icon€ 3,00 | Plants-Wheat-iconPlants-Wheat-iconPlants-Wheat-icon € 4,00


 Read more in the relevant section of the web site of the City of Florence. In case you have any enquiries you can call (+39) 055 2769473 or (+39) 0552769471 or (+39) 0552769476

Published: 8/1/2018

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