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Florence and Fiesole dedicate two important exhibitions to Primo Conti, protagonist of the Italian and European culture of the twentieth century.

In the thirtieth anniversary of the death of the great painter, composer and writer (Florence 1900- Fiesole 1988), Villa Bardini in Florence and the Foundation PRIMO-CONTI-SMALLESTPrimo Conti in Fiesole house two exhibitions dedicated to the artist, respectively: Journey into the painting of Primo Conti (October 4-January 13), and Primo Conti; the years of Futurism (October 11-January 13).

He actually had, starting from 1917, a key role in the Futurism, the artistic and social movement that originated in Italy, emphasizing speed, technology, youth, and objects such as the car, the airplane, and the industrial city. In both seats one can also admire paintings by other artists who influenced him, such as Picasso, De Chirico, Boccioni. The City Hall of Fiesole also proposes, from November 10 to January 13, the exhibition Primo Conti. A journey through the photographs, a series of snapshots related to the artist's life.

Primo Conti was a true enfant prodige, on a musical, pictorial and poetic level. Very young, after meeting Balla and Marinetti, he adhered decisively to Futurism. He collaborated as a poet with the new Florentine literary magazines; in the 1930s he performed numerous sets, sketches and costumes for the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the most important Music Festival of Italy. Became a professor of painting at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Florence. By experimenting several artistic phases during his long life, he always maintained a fresh and poetic style, characterized by a free use of color.

Since 1948 he had a profound mystical crisis that led him to enter the Franciscan Order (a period in which he continued to paint, preferring religious subjects).

The fifteenth-century Villa "Le Coste", in Fiesole, which became its residence, was donated by the Maestro in 1980. With its collections of paintings and its archive, it houses the homonymous Foundation, dedicated to the Florentine historical avant-gardes, which still manages the Primo Conti Museum.


Villa Bardini, Costa san Giorgio, 2 Firenze,  Fanfare e silenzi. Viaggio nella pittura di Primo Conti
Fondazione Primo Conti, via G. Duprè, 18  Fiesole, Primo Conti; gli anni del futurismo

Published: 2/10/2018

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