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The exhibition inside the Limonaia at the Boboli Gardens recreates the journey of the Trajan’s Column, one of the main monuments from the Imperial Rome.

traianaSMALLEST Trajan’s Column, commissioned by Emperor Trajan to celebrate the victory against Dacians, was raised in 113AD in the same spot where you can find it today: the Imperial Forums in Rome.

The amazing reliefs – which twist around the spiral frieze, along 200 meters – tell us about the military strategy and Trajan’s victory. The main focus has always been in the low reliefs (including the famous studies by Mantegna), there is not much information about the origins and construction of this masterpiece.

The show inside the Limonaia at the Boboli Gardens answers many of these questions. Thanks to the various archaeological finds (sculptures, ancient coins and other objects) models of the different machinery used and new technologies, it has been possible to recreate the vicissitudes. The artwork was commissioned by Apollodoro di Damasco, who made everything possible: from the marble extraction at the Carrara caves to the loading at Porto di Luni, the landing at Tevere and finally building the column at the Imperial Forum.

Most of the items displayed come from the Uffizi’s collection, however it’s really easy to find scultures from that period of time across the city. Three women from the Imperial Rome decorate the Loggia dei Lanzi, in Piazza della Signoria, and in the Boboli Gardens visitors will find the Prisoners Daci –statues made of porphyry-, almost as a preview of the exhibition.

Building a Masterpiece: Trajan's Column
Limonaia in the Boboli Gardens, Florence
21 June – 6 October 2019



Published: 1/7/2019

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